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The Conductor

Foto: Ursula Rausch

Her love for music and especially to choir singing, influences both her professional and her private life. Having had Professor Helmut Wulz as teacher and mentor, Rita Hartmann, who has been a member of the A-Cappella Chor Villach since her time at secondary school, was able to learn and grow from the ‘Wulz-ian’ choir tradition.

As a dedicated choir singer (participating in other choirs as well), she has acquired an extensive repertoire in choir music, as well as having a learning interest in musical interpretation and conducting.

Rita Hartmann has been able to pass on her excitement and love for choir music to her students, being a music teacher at the BAKIP/BAfEP Klagenfurt, where she has directed the school choir for decades, successfully leading it through various competitions.

Highly valued in the professional field, she directs other lay's choirs routinely and with superior ease and understands how to reach a maximum of quality in a minimal amount of time. Her constant interest in what is new, like her uncanny feel for the depth of music casts a spell over both, singers, and audience members and touches everybody's heart.

The music, and the singer's voices are in best hands with Rita Hartmann.

Honorary Conductor
Helmut WULZ
* 22. 5. 1936; † 29. 4. 2023

Prof Mag. Helmut Wulz received his musical education at the teacher training college in Klagenfurt and at the Music Conservatory of Carinthia. He then continued his studies in music teaching and composition at the Vienna Music Academy and studied German and Folklore at the University of Vienna at the same time.

From 1956 to 1962 he was a member of the Vienna Music Academy Chamber Choir, participating in concert tours in various European and non-European countries with Gnther Theuring and Th. Christian David.

From 1964 to 2019 Helmut Wulz has been the conductor of the A cappella Choir Villach. He has also been the conductor of the Carinthian Choral Association, and he is a speaker at various seminars for conductors of choral music. He is a member of the Carinthian Association of Folksong and has for 45 years been the conductor and coordinator of the Carninthian (Anderluh) choral music weeks.

His publications of folk-songs and his contributions to the research in folk-songs, especially his research in the singing tradition in German settlements in Eastern Europe, gave him supra-regional recognition.

As an appreciation of his many achievements in his cultural work Helmut Wulz received several honours and prizes, amongst them the Honorary Citizenship of the City of Villach in 2007.

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